Alterungsofen / Kammer / Rollen / elektrisch

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Alterungsofen / Kammer / Rollen / elektrisch Alterungsofen / Kammer / Rollen / elektrisch - RCRO-4


  • Funktion:


  • Konfigurierung:

    Kammer, Rollen

  • Wärmequelle:


  • Weitere Eigenschaften:

    Edelstahl, digital, kompakt

  • Maximaltemperatur:

    600 °F (316 °C)


RIGCHINA Roller Oven has two power-driven rollers, a digital temperature controller, and a fail-safe over-temperature protection system.It provides an excellent method of aging fluid samples for further analysis. High-Temperature Aging Cells containing sample fluids are placed in the roller oven where they are subjected to moderate heat and agitation (rolling) on power driven rollers.

Features & Benefits:
Lightweight and compact, compatible for lab and field
Digital temperature controller
Precise and stable temperature measurements
Temperature Data Log Output for collecting temperature data
Uniform temperature distribution
Efficient and controlled heating
Better simulation of high pressure/high temperature conditions
Protection against over-temperature

Technical Parameters:
Power Supply:AC230V (Custom) AC115V
Temperature Range: 600℉ (315℃)
Heater Power:1150 Watt
Numbers of Cells: 4
Inside inches: 46*46*35cm