AMOB - Tube and Profile Bending Machines

Über uns

Founded in 1960 by António Martins Oliveira Barros (AMOB) and later succeeded by his son Manuel Barros and his grandchildren Inês Barros and Manuel António Barros, AMOB has gradually become a world leader in the manufacture of equipment for the metalworking industry.

We serve the global market with an exceptional level of equipment and tools for tube and sheet metal forming, from the simplest manual equipment to the most complex fully electric CNC systems.

AMOB develops, designs, produces, markets and provides technical assistance to a huge variety of products for an endless number of industrial sectors, including automotive, shipbuilding, aeronautics, construction, among others.

Unlike other companies within the same sector, AMOB stands out for its completely vertical structure, which means that, from design and machine conception, to their manufacture and assembly, everything is developed internally by a team of highly specialized professionals.

Over the years, the space dedicated to the activity has grown to its current facilities, with around 40,000 m2 of covered area equipped with the most modern production equipment.

AMOB has progressively become the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized tube and sheet forming technologies and equipment.

Unsere Werte

„Ein Tag habe ich Freunde in den vier Ecken der Welt, Freunde, dass die anderen neigen, costumers zu nennen“ - António Martins de Oliveira Barros