batteriebetriebenes Umreifungsgerät / für PP-PET-Spannreifen

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batteriebetriebenes Umreifungsgerät / für PP-PET-Spannreifen batteriebetriebenes Umreifungsgerät / für PP-PET-Spannreifen - FROMM P329


  • Betätigung:


  • Bandeisentyp:

    für PP-PET-Spannreifen

  • Bandeisenbreite:

    Max: 19 mm (0,75 in)

    Min: 16 mm (0,63 in)

  • Bandeisendicke:

    Max: 1,35 mm (0,05 in)

    Min: 0,4 mm (0,02 in)



Model P 329 with lithium ion (Li-Ion) 18V battery and reinforced motor for maximum autonomy (up to 450 strapping with a charge), the maximum tensile strength (up to 4000 N) and the reliability of the weld. The ease of insertion of the strap makes it very quick and simple to use. The independent settings of all parameters ensure optimum performance and maximum seal with polypropylene and polyester strapping of any size and quality.

The P 329 is equipped with a selector for the semi-automatic or automatic operation (just press a button to perform all operations).

Strap qualities Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET), smooth or embossed
Locking system Vibration Welding (frictional heating)
Strap width 16,0 – 19,0 mm.
Strap thickness 0.40-1.35 mm.
Resistance Welding 75% ( depends on the quality of the strap)
Strap tension 500-4000 N
Speed 49-79 mm/s
Battery 18 V. – 4 Ah. Li-Ion
Battery charger (electrical supply) 220 V.
Dimensions with battery L 351 –W 134 – H. 143 mm.
Weight 4,2 Kg.


Place the strap around the product to be strapped and match the two edges. The operator will then insert the edges between the base and the tensioning roller of the tensioning device. The operator must press the button to tighten the strap until you reach the desired tension.
By pressing a single button, the strapping tool automatically weld and cut the strap. A light and a beep signals indicate that the operator can extract the strapping tool.