Pistole zu markieren

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Pistole zu markieren Pistole zu markieren - FPA2-MOB


New portable inkjet markers, suitable for marking on porous, semi-porous (boxes, cardboard boxes) and non-porous surfaces (metal, hard plastic) in different work stations. Allow to print alphanumeric texts, logos, date/time, codes, counter, lot and 1D & 2D barcode, distributed on 4 lines with a total height of 12.7 mm.
The marking speed is set directly on the marker keypad and you can always write accurately and without deformation of the characters.
The cartridges are independent and directly in contact with the print head.
The markers are equipped with an automatic nozzle cleaning system so in case of very long machine stops, there is no danger of blocking, but simply replace the exhausted cartridges without further maintenance.

The message to be printed can be set by PC in any Word font format.
To use it, simply save it on the SD card included in the machine. Once you have reinserted in the marker, simply select the program selected from 1 of the 999 storable from the display and proceed with printing.

Simple and easy to understand interface
Ultra-light 1 Kg design
Marker and accessories case supplied
Ability to print on any surface and in any place
Autonomy up to 7 hours for a total of 200,000 printable characters
2.8-inch LCD screen with LED backlighting
Pocket IR remote keyboard for entering data to be marked
11 languages settable