Positionsanzeiger / digital / Hohlwelle

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Positionsanzeiger / digital / Hohlwelle Positionsanzeiger / digital / Hohlwelle - DD52R-E


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DD52R-E: Direct drive electronic position indicators with battery power supply

DD52R-E position indicators, with battery power supply, can be used on passing through shafts in any position to provide the reading of the absolute or incremental positioning of a machine component.
Wide display: excellent readability, 6-digit display, 12,0 mm height
High protection class IP65 or IP67 protection class.
Corrosion resistance: AISI 304 stainless steel bushing with Ø 20 mm H7 reamed hole.
Long battery life: The internal lithium battery ensures a battery life of over 8 years.
Programmable parameters
Select the incremental or the absolute measure mode
Convert the linear unit of measure: (mm, inches) or select the angular measure mode (degrees)

Accessories on request (to be ordered separately):
AISI 304 stainless steel RB52 reduction sleeves.