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Rohrschneidmaschine / für Aluminium / für Stahl / für Edelstahl
P3060 Wuhan Vtop fiber laser



  • Bearbeitetes Material:

    für Aluminium, für Stahl, für Edelstahl, für Kupfer, für Messing

  • Technologie:


  • Bearbeitetes Produkt:


  • Weitere Eigenschaften:

    galvanisierter Stahl, mit automatischem Bündellader


Vtop Laser tube cutting machine P3060 main applicable Industry
1. Metal furniture
2. Fitness equipment / sports equipment
3. Electric bike / bicycle
4. Agricultural machinery
5. Medical device
6. Display shelf
7. Oil blasting pipe
8. Fire control

4000W Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameters
Model number: P3060
Laser power: 4000w
Laser source: IPG/N-light fiber laser resonator
Tube length: 6000mm
Tube diameter: 20mm-200mm
Applicable materials: Stainless steel,carbon steel,mild steel,aluminum,brass,copper,galvanized steel
Applicable types of tubes: Round tube,square tube,triangle tube,rectangular tube,oval tube and other irregular-shaped tubes etc.
Position accuracy: ±0.03mm
Repeat position accuracy: ±0.01mm
Maximum position speed: 70m/min
Acceleration: 1g
Cutting speed: depend on material, laser source power
Electric power supply: AC380V 50/60Hz
Max cutting thickness: 4000W can cut 22mm carbon steel,12mm stainless steel,10mm aluminum,8mm brass,6mm copper
New Design 4000W CNC Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine P3060